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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Better Quality BEDDING and SHEETS • Fine Linens in Costa Rica (where to find)

Based on MY taste/observation/experience, Costa Rica is REALLY lacking in good higher QUALITY bedding/sheets for sheet snobs like myself (my bed [a complete memory foam bed with NO coils as coils in a bed are REALLY BAD for anyone with High Blood Pressure, Pain and/or Arthritis!!!!]) is my SANCTUARY and I use soft/sensuous sheets of 600+ thread counts and have the MOST LUSCIOUS•SENSUOUS feeling blanket I've EVER found (from Orotex)!!  I sleep so little so when I do, I want it to be a MAGICAL experience!!!!

Typically the sheets I've found in many stores doesn't even have a thread count listed on it so Goddess only knows what it is and it often is quite rough and scratchy and often the elastic on the bottom sheet doesn't last long.

Finding special/COOL sheets - hahahahhahaha!!!

Below is a list of some places where I've found bedding of at least 200 count (again - finding thread count listed on sheets in CR is RARE so we start with what we have to!!).


MY #1 FAV!!!

(formerly Tropical Bed and Bath)

NEW LOCATION and Storefront in Escazu AND - 

If you're seeking QUALITY higher end bedding - Katé is the store you're going to want to go to!  They have all types of thread counts (their website indicates 200-650 count!!), and for extra deep and extra-extra deep mattresses.
HOURS: Monday-Friday - 10am-6pm.  Saturday - 10am-4pm
OWNER: Brenda and son Karl (my VERY GOOD friends)
Full DETAILS at:


I hear PriceSmart have some sheets that are at LEAST 400 thread count & they're quite cheap!!! Low as that number is for us Sheet Snobs - 400tc is quite good/rare in CR though we're SLOWLY getting better quality things but you're gonna pay for it!!!


Decent quality bedding at pretty good prices.
HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 9:30am-6:30pm
OWNER: Michelle Giustiniani Reyes (tell Michelle you found her through Vicki's blog)
LOCATION: NEW LOCATION!!!  Escazu-Guachipelin - Diagonal a la BMW de Escazu


(Yamuni.com / 2-258-3337)
Pretty decent smallish department store with bed and bath things (sheets on average around 200tc but sometimes they have some up to 400tc), housewares, rugs, upholstery / fabric material. The often have some more unique things and prices can be pretty good.
HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 9am-7pm & Sun. 10am-6pm
LOCATIONS: SAN JOSE – Sabana Park – Avenida 10 about 200 mts East of Sabana Park.
SAN PEDRO: near McDonalds of Curridabat.


(facebook.com/RoyalPalmInteriors  •  RoyalPalmInteriors.com  •  2-786-5407 / RoyalPalmInteriors@gmail.com)
Import BAMBOO SHEETS. They are incredibly soft and have an extra deep fitted sheet to accommodate mattresses up to 15” deep. Everyone who has purchased LOVES them!!! They also are now carrying things like Furniture - Imported and National  •  Art  •  Mirrors  •  Beautiful and Varied Home Decor Items  •  Unique Gift Ideas  •  Bed & Bath Boutique - incl. Bamboo Sheets  •  Towels  •  Pillows  •  Protectors, etc.  •  Fans and Lighting - Banvil 2000  •  Blinds and Other Window Coverings  •  Custom Window Coverings  •  Custom Bedding & Upholstery  •  Furniture Packages for New Home or Rental Units. 
They're also now working with a FABULOUS Mold Control called ConCroBium (cures mold you already have & prevents it from coming back & it's ALL natural/non-toxic). NaturalSolutionsCR.com
CONTACT: Shelagh & Bruce Duncan
HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 9am-5pm (in the rainy season [Oct.-Nov.] they close around 3pm so best to call ahead)
LOCATION: Playa Ballena (25km south of Dominical - near Ballena National Marine Park - midway between Ojochal & Uvita at Kilometer Marker 169, opposite Cristal Ballena Hotel)


Another option is to buy things online/on the internet/web & have friends/family bring them to you. You can have them shipped to you & though the item could be cheap, they often are in oversized boxes hence there will often be a fee for such oversized boxes.

The BEST QUALITY in bedding for the LOWEST PRICE I get online at:

& have people bring them to you!

Shipping of your WHOLE order within the U.S. is just $1!! 
They also have AMAZING prices for Memory Foam Toppers which are shipped quite tightly and I’ve had people bring me king size ones in their suitcase! I just ordered some 330 Thread Count Solid Sateen Sheet Set for just $30!!


Make sure to tell them ALL you found them on Vicki's (aka - the Sarong Goddess!!) Living Life in Costa Rica blog

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