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Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm Seeking a Temporary or Short-Term Room to Rent - Jan. 2+

(WARNING!!  I'm a Hugger!!! [IF it's ok with you!])

Do you have a ROOM to RENT
(ideally in Escazu or nearby - BUT - if it were a special place - I might entertain that!) - starting THIS Wednesday - January 2??

I'm seeking something more Temporary or Short-Term - VERY inexpensive - OR - even better - a trade or partial trade for helping with your Pets (I give LOTS of love and attention and GREAT Massages to pets!!), Ad Space on my LivingLifeInCostaRica.blogspot.com blog that usually comes up on the first 2 pages in Google Searches and gets over 34,000 Page Views a month, help with Marketing, Promotions, Facebook Marketing, Vacation Rental Property Marketing, Consulting for Newbies (I have LOTS of contacts/Information sites on Escazu!!)??

I've been booked up pretty solid Pet and House Sitting - LoveYourPetHouseSitting.com since Jan. 15, '11 but my slow season tends to be around January-May-ish

I have a GORGEOUS "base" home of a friend that I stay•trade with (for helping with her pets and free Pet Sitting while she's away)
so I'm considering a few options as I'm still LOVING the Pet and House Sitting (after 5 years running a guest house and literally selling just about everything - this lighter•minimalist life is AWESOME!!) - yet - this is a time of year these services aren't needed as much and sometimes I need a break - so I'm considering a few options for in between my gigs.

I am open to short-term or month-to-month (and when I no longer have a need, I will help you find someone else [something I'm REALLY GOOD at!!!]).  Or maybe a day-to-day rental?

There may be times I'm gone for weeks and when I'm there, I'm around all the time but I pretty much spend it out of the way on my laptop working on my blog (my PASSION/baby!!)!

I LOVE being around Positive People and/or people into Self Empowerment and am especially considerate of Common Spaces.

I also need to store 3 suitcases and a few bags that don't go with me (they can be out of the way in the garage or somewhere safe).

I MUST have either good WiFi or good signal for a Kolbi Datacard, good Cell connection, Furnished, HOT Shower, Tranquil Setting ultimately, NO Mold issues, close to a bus line. 

NO smokers/drunks/druggies.

Do you know of any options?? (even if it's not right away - keep my info)

E-mail me about you and what you have to share!!

Vicki Skinner
(aka the Sarong Goddess)
8-378-6679  •  1-941-312-7569 (my U.S. #)  •  VallartaVicki (Skype)

Please "Share" this with everyone you know that might be able to help!!  THANX!!!!

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